How to inculcate good food habits in Kids |Parenting


Dear Parents ,

This video by M/s Nishtha Sharma from Channel Smiling with Life  is for helping  you all to inculcate good eating habits in your kids.


Remember , Childhood health is what lays foundation for future immunity levels of your children. Hence it is really really important to make kids understand the importance of healthy food habits.That’s exactly what this video is all about. We are sure you will find some really valuable tips in here : 

Video Title :

How to inculcate good food habits in Kids ( बच्चों में अच्छे भोजन की आदत कैसे डालें )

Language :

Hindi (Indian Language)



We sincerely hope that you have found the video useful & the talks practical . Please share the article and do let us know your feedback in comments so that we can bring some more useful videos for Parents , For Kids, For First Time Mothers and For To be Mothers .

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Namaste  & Take care till our Next Video !

Stay Safe and keep your Kiddos Safer !! 🙂

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