Is it really so difficult for a working women to balance Personal & Professional life?


life vs work


This video by M/s Nishtha Sharma from Channel Smiling with Life  is specially for all those working women who so wish to maintain a balance between their professional & personal life but owing to various reasons ,  they find it really really hard to do that .


Video Title :

Is it really so difficult for a working women to balance personal & professional life ?

( क्या कामकाजी महिलाओं के लिए व्यक्तिगत और व्यावसायिक जीवन को संतुलित करना वास्तव में इतना मुश्किल है? )

Language : Hindi (India)


We sincerely hope that you have found the video useful & the talks practical . Please do let us know your feedback in comments so that we can bring some more useful videos for Working Women, House Head Ladies, Parents , Kids, For First Time Mothers and For To be Mothers .

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Namaste  & Take care till our Next Video ! 🙂

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