Busting Myths Around Vaccination


The mere name of the vaccinations perturbs the mind of new moms. She gets goose bumps even in her dreams at the sight of her child getting vaccinated. Previously, people lived in the joint family module and the vaccine part was taken care of by grand moms who had experience in dealing with the scenario…but for novel Mommies…it’s too much of a pain.


Few just dread the sight of getting her cutie-pie vaccinated and she is more in a panic mode.

My friend, Shreyas was sailing in the same boat after her firstborn and she used to call me just before the date of vaccines to share her harrowing dreams. She had a list of queries regarding vaccines and it sounded that she was not so much educated in the context of – Importance of Vaccines for the Infants and the kids.

I took her to my childhood friend who is now a busy paediatrician to clear her doubts and now I am sharing the same here to educate more new Moms and busting myths around vaccination.


1.So many multiple vaccines will overload my child’s immune system and will increase the risk of harmful effects?

Studies have proved that the combination of different shots will have the same efficacy as given individually. The combination vaccine is given to decrease the number of shots. The vaccines are the combination of antigens which are given to develop immunity against infection. The antigens in the vaccines are the germs that are injected to produce antibodies to fight against several infections and diseases. In the year 1980, the recommended vaccines had more than 15,096 antigens compared to today’s vaccines which constitutes only 173 antigens in 12 vaccines to protect the child and the teens from 16 vaccine-preventable diseases. Be relaxed Mom, the vaccines take care of your child from early days of infancy to whole life against different infections and epidemics. The infant immune system is much stronger than you anticipate.

2.My Child might contract the infection by the vaccine that we are trying to prevent?

There are still many misconceptions about immunization and vaccines and this misconception is more prevalent. It is a farce, dear. Your child might develop few symptoms against the disease that has been vaccinated that too one in a million. It is the response of the recipient body immune system to the vaccine. The vaccines are approved by the FDA after rigorous trials and they are absolutely safe.

3.Vaccines are not responsible for decreased infections, better hygiene and sanitation help?

Vaccines have been responsible for decreasing the infections in society by following timely immunizations as prescribed. Maintaining hygiene and sanitation is good but it cannot eliminate your child from deadly infections and epidemics because the immunizations improve the immunity of your child to fight against different types of diseases.

“Get out of vaccine hesitancy Shreyas and gift your child a beautiful and well-balanced lifestyle.” My doctor friend explained to Shreyas.

“Yes, don’t forget the dates and keep the track of vaccines by keeping the vaccine tracker with you. You can even set alerts and reminders in your system to help you to recall. A pinch of pain blesses your child with innumerable blessings throughout life.” I told her while driving out of the clinic.

Shreyas nodded in affirmation and a wide smile sailed on her lips and she looked calm.

Her myths around immunization were crystal clear and she could now confidently visit the immunization centre for further vaccines. She had understood the concept and the importance of vaccines in a child’s life.

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