Top 5 WordPress plugins for adding custom fonts on WordPress Sites

There are numerous WordPress plugins for adding custom fonts to your sites. They give you leverage to stand out from the usual and make your very own statements.

There can be instances where the theme you selected doesn’t have the font style of your choice. You now have two options in your hands. Either to re-code, or you can use a WordPress font Plugin.

Said that there are countless plugins in the WordPress store, and it can be an exhausting task to choose the one out of them.

To help you choose the best WordPress font plugin, we have compared the top 5 most preferred font plugin in 2020 and presented them for you.

NAME WordPress Ratings Price Ease of Use Number Of supported Themes
Fontsy  5-star Free 5/5 All themes
Easy Google Fonts 4.5-star Free 2/5 All Themes
Use Any Font 4.5-star Free 3/5 All Themes
Custom Fonts 4.5-star Free 4/5 4
Style Guide 4.5-star Free 2/5 17




Fontsy is a new yet among the most loved WordPress font plugin across all niche of sites. Among the many reasons for such popularity, one is the ease of use.

Just within the few clicks of activation, you will find a user-friendly interface to customize the fonts on your site. You can change the header fonts, font of texts in your blogs and much more.

There are about more than 1300 font style in the library of Fontsy from where you can choose the best font for your site. And to add on that, you can even upload any font of your choice use it.

Moreover, Fontsy plugin is among the few best plugins that can give your site a look that you want, without putting any limitations.

Easy Google Fonts

easy count

Easy Google Fonts is among the top plugins to customize the fonts of your site. It gives you a variety of fonts to choose from and let you edit them accordingly.

You can vary the size of the font, change the letter spacing, letter height and change the positions of the fonts. The only drawback to this plugin is the fact that it is not easy to use.

You might have to go through various youtube videos to learn the perfect use of this plugin and then use it on your site. Once you learn, it can prove itself to be the best WordPress font plugin for your site.

Use Any Font

use any font

Use Any Font is a freemium plugin. It means with a small donation, of about $10, you access complete customization of fonts.

The free version has restrictions and lets you choose only one font from its library. Whereas, the premium version let you allocate different fonts to different text on your site.

The premium version also accesses to fonts that are not present on the Google fonts, which can let you stand distinct than any of your competitor.

Custom Fonts

Custom fonts

Custom Fonts is another wondrous and user-friendly plugin to customize the font on your site. It is easy to use and gives various options to customize the font style according to your needs.

It is a lightweight plugin and works well with the Astra theme and Beaver theme along with the builders such as Elementor and Beaver.

If you use any other theme, you will have to add fonts through custom CSS, which isn’t super easy for everyone.

Style Guide

style guide

Style Guide has been around for approx 5-years and has been peoples favourite ever since. It fonts supports various character sets such as Greek, Latin, Hebrew etc.

As a free plugin Style Guide is among the best WordPress font plugins and supports a total of 17 themes. You can easily customize the font on your website with the help of Style Guide and make your website look amazing.

If you have any other theme than the supported theme, you might not be able to use it.

With this, we sum up our list on the best WordPress font plugin to customize your website. We hope this will help your site to look amazing and build your website in just the way you want.

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