Practical Tips to be the Best Parents your Child can wish for !

Word by word, lesson by lesson, story by story, a parent helps a child in becoming a good human. It is not always education that helps a child grow, nurturing his heart is crucial. I, hereby, quote Dalai Lama, “It is vital that when educating our children’s brains, we don’t neglect to educate their hearts.” Every relationship is built on a foundation of love and care and based on a balance. Talking of it, the relationship between a parent and a child is an imbalanced one. A child can never return what a parent does for him even when he grows up and the parent grows older. And this imbalance is beautiful in itself. However, it is important to nurture a child in his growing years.

Here are some practical tips to nurture a fruitful parent-child relationship-

Spend some quality time


You may be a working parent or even as a full-time parent, it is important to find some time in a day when you and your child communicate to the best. However, you can’t sit your little one and have a moral talk with him. We bet, this is hard to do. With children, you need to find ways to listen to you. Engage your child in a fun activity or read a book to him. While they learn or play, teach them important lessons in life.

Build their self-esteem

How a parent talks to his child plays an important role in building the self-esteem of the child. Sometimes, as a parent, you may not realize calling your child “naughty” or even “stupid.” Now, when this process becomes a habit and your child becomes used to hearing these words, he starts believing that they are true. A child trusts his parents the most and this is where it all starts. They start lacking self-esteem which plays a key role in building the character of a person. So, think of this tip, the next time you start calling your child by such names. Instead, remind your child every day how smart or talented he is.

Every child is different


Yes, no two children are the same. So, it is not a good idea to compare your one child with the other. You may unintentionally compare your child with the other but remember your action has a deep reaction on your child’s mind. He starts believing that he is somewhere lacking. He will start finding ways to impress you at first but in the long run, you are teaching him to be jealous of the other child. Love your little one for who he is and never compare him with anyone.

Appreciation & Encouragement-That’s all they need

Remember the first time, he learned to draw and made a card for you? Did you appreciate it? Well, of course, you must have. Here, you win! It is important to appreciate your child whenever he does anything for you. It may be a small thing like making a cup of tea in his little tea set. But he did that for you. These little things matter. As he grows up, if he secures good marks, it is important to treat him with encouragement and appreciation. I don’t imply that you spoil him with big gifts every time he does anything but little things matter. Giving him his favorite chocolate, for a change? Or making him his Favorite meal?

Listening is the key


If you expect your child to listen to what you say, it is important to listen to him as well. Children make stories up but also say the truth. So, listen to every bit of what he says. Sometimes, his story may have a hidden meaning. Make it a habit to ask your child how his day went. What did he do? How are his friends? These questions become annoying for them when children grow up but if you ask him regularly, it will never bother him. It also happens sometimes children talk when we are in the middle of some important work. I would suggest keeping your ears open for him while working as well. Never miss out on the little details they give you.

Stay calm

There are times when children make us angry. In such situations, take a moment, calm yourself, and then healthily show your anger. Let your child know you didn’t like what he did but make sure you don’t shout at him or walk away from the situation in anger. Children become what they see. Your anger might give your child anger issues in the long run. It is, however, important to maintain your calm in any such situation. I am not saying don’t scold him but the key is to not lose control. Otherwise, the situation might get out of hand in no time. Drink a glass of water before you deal with your child when in anger.

Build a safe space for him


Needless to say, every parent does everything to keep his child safe. Make sure you have a child-safe space in your house. Now here I am not only talking about the physical things around. You must also have a child lock on the electronic devices. Today, children are prone to use mobile phones as soon as they grow 2 years old. However, I recommend, even if you are handing him your mobile phone for listening to a poem from YouTube, you must keep the adult stuff from him. The same goes for laptops and computers.

Socialize with your children

That doesn’t mean taking him along to your kitty parties. But make sure, you go out with your child. It may be a kids’ party or just going to a park with your child. As much as family is important, socializing is equally important. The way of asking your child to show his art in front of others dates long back and is still holds importance. Make sure your child interacts with others. Here, you are imparting his social skills.

The alpha in this relationship is “You”


As crucial it is to take care of your child, you must also take care of yourself first. Take out some time for yourself when you indulge in self-care. Go out for a walk. Have a spa session. Indulge in reading or watching your favorite show. Find an hour away from the worries of your child. So before you nurture your child, you must nurture yourself.

As I said, a parent makes a child bit by bit, and it takes nourishment and a lot of effort. Hence, make sure you set an example for your little one. I know you love him unconditionally. And you must educate him. But never forget to express your love for him. Your child needs to be nurtured. I wish you all the best for parenting.


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    Word by word, lesson by lesson, story by story, a parent helps a child in becoming a good human. It is not always education that helps a child grow, nurturing his heart is crucial. I, hereby, quote Dalai Lama, “It is vital that when educating our children’s brains, we don’t neglect to educate their hearts.”


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