Book Review : Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday


One of the most distinctive traits of a successful person is their interest in self-help books. Reading in itself is an exercise to your mind. Also, when you start gaining values of life, you start becoming the better version of yourself.

Self-help books are a personal treasure to most of the people. The meaning of success might vary for you. But it is also true that you always want to step-up and improve your game. These books store the secrets and values of life that the author has gained.

And the most impressive part is they are coming forward to help you in your life. They are teaching us to break the negativity, step out of your comfort zone and achieve what you desire.

Here’s our book recommendation, which have a similar motive to pave positivity in your life. These books share the credentials to shape your perspective and help you experience the better you.

Book Title : Stillness in the Key


Stillness is the Key

Review : 

Stillness is a state of mind where the outside factors are no longer able to break your inner peace. With the following notion in mind, Ryan Holiday has presented this self-help book.

Unlike any other book, this has a shallow approach and gives you a practical approach to your lives. The 3-major takeaways from this book will be:

  • Let Go

A simple practice to make your mind work-driven rather than being result-oriented. More specifically, the author wants to explain that if a person desperately wants something, it will get harder and harder to get it.

Rather than just focusing on the output of the effort, you must focus on the work. Releasing the pressure of expectations while working hard towards your goals, let you think clearly and makes you a better person.

  • Bath in Beauty

Just like the previous point, this too focuses on your ability to stay happy. For most of us, our happiness is dependent on the outside world. In this scenario, we lose our stillness. We have no control over our thoughts and happiness.

The best way to overcome is to train your brain to stay in the moment. Take every second around you to absorb the blissfulness surrounding you.

  • Human Being, Not Human Doing

It is simple. We all know, the decisions, taken in a hurry or under pressure can lead to destruction. To overcome this, you must practice stillness. With less stress on your mind, you can surely come out of hard times and enjoy every second around you.


Content – 4 / 5  

Practical Utility in Real Life –   4/5 

Ease of Reading  –  3 /5 

Goodreads –  4.3 /5

My Rating – 4 /5


Stillness is the Key, reveals you to the importance and ways to take a break from crushing yourself day and night. It shows how you can experience true happiness without breaking cutting down your dreams.

To sum up the review, we would say that if you are walking through hard times, we suggest this book. With various examples from the past and the situations from day-to-day life, this book will show you the correct way to attain happiness.


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