Best ways to keep the Negativity away and keeping oneself going amidst Corona

For last two months now,  most of us are all sitting in front of the damn television and watching the news chewing , our nails off to the number of infections worldwide and the number of deceased as of today.Honestly, in times of gloom and doom , such flooding of news  do not make our life any easier.

In fact, after a point ,  so much of information only makes things worse as unknowingly we start getting played by on our fears and insecurities i.e. are our jobs safe?  the failing economy, the global lockdown and the fear of contracting the virus. It’s true that the COVID 19 virus is to be taken seriously and its  natural to worry about ourselves and our families but at the same time , lets save ourselves from associated paranoia .

During these trying times we need to concentrate on our inert abilities and try to channelize those energies to do positive things. We should utilize these days constructively and not let your anxieties get the worst out of you. Let’s see the steps one can take to keep ourselves abreast of the virus and keep the negativity away, till our virus expert’s find a cure.

  1. Limit the amount of news we consume : Too much of negative news makes us prone to fears and insecurities. In fact we keep listening to stories how some people ,specially aged , get anxiety attacks by mere listening to the news any new patient found corona positive. During these times we need to be strong and be fit mentally to counter any scenario. Instead of watching a bunch of news channels and subsequently joining in social media’s  ‘dump the news’ bandwagon , choose a single source, limit your exposure and stick to it. Pick up only fundamentals & practically useful pieces of news only.



  1. The anxiety is real :  When we read and hear about many people being helpless, businesses getting shut, the crippling economy, the job cuts, panic buying – anxiety is bound to sink in. All these worries need to be addressed properly and not be pushed under the rug. We should rather ask ourselves some important questions  like how much are we affected by the situation and what steps can be taken to correct this course.

And also we have to take a rational perspective to this whole issue and let’s not wallow in too much of negative thoughts. It’s very easy during such time of crisis to let our hearts rule our brains but a check, a filter needs to be placed for this.

We need to be grateful for what we have, what we achieved till date and we should continue focusing  on the present rather than on uncertainties of future over which we anyways  have no control on, isn’t it !

  1. Stay strong and remember you are not alone : We are fighting COVID 19 as a community globally. Once you keep reminding this fact to yourself ,whole perspective to handle this corona chaos changes. In fact we should draw strength from our elders in our family who have been through many scenarios and try being there for them during these trying times. Don’t forget,humanity has seen many such pandemics {Plague, SARS, Spanish Flu , Swine Flu} and we have always been able to eventually come out of them . We all must remember that there are many who are braving and risking their lives for us during this uncalled war i.e. our Doctors, Nurses, Law & Enforcement personnel. Let’s not let their efforts go in vain by being weak, mentally or physically , during these testing times.
  1. Meditate : Meditation helps one to keep the harsh thoughts at the bay and doesn’t  let them run wild on hearing bad news. It might not pay your bills, but Meditation certainly helps to  keep us calm during such trying times. All that is required is  just few minutes of our day during which we have to pay attention to our thoughts and observe them from a distance . It helps getting our heads in the right space. At first meditating might not be very easy, but as we continue the journey , it starts paying off .


  1. Stay Fit : Besides being mentally strong , one has to be physically fit by exercising regularly. If you are not in the habit of doing exercises, try going out for walks .Small work outs will help in long way, get plenty of fresh air, have a balanced diet, get sufficient sleep and keep yourself optimally functional. All this will help in making you feel  good and positive which will help in battling things thrown at us during these trying times.
  1. Try learning new skills or hone the ones that you have : This will help you to get on with our life once things get to normal and not make you feel out of touch. We have to be ready for the whole new scenario globally after the COVID pandemic. Let’s take WFH (Work Form Home), which is a new discovery to many corporate houses. Try making hobbies full time for the time being, you will be surprised to see this side of you. Take on some responsibilities in the house which will make life whole lot easier for your other family members.Try cooking if you haven’t taken this up yet . Its very soothing and one of your sincerely’s personal favourite things to do. Try out whatever makes you happy.
  1. Keep in mind hygiene (washing your hands with soap every time one has to go out and social distancing) : Taking special care of basics will help you and the people around you to lessen the exposure and lessen the risk of contracting the virus. And that in turn will help you to break the chain of Virus Spread . Limit your travel outside and stay indoors and help others. Do not go outside unless it’s very urgent and necessary.


  1. Last but not the least :  Close your day on a positive note and  lighter note, which will help you to face tomorrow with much renewed vigour & strength besides keeping you at bay from depressing events happening around you.

In these trying times it’s absolutely necessary to be strong and focused on what’s required . Together we will get through these trying times. Thank you !


We sincerely hope that you have found the information & Tips mentioned above  practical . Please do let us know your feedback in comments.

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Namaste  & Take care till our Next Post !

Stay Safe and keep your Kiddos Safer !!

Image Credits : Pixabay

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    Keep the news off is the best one. 😊

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