Global Sustainability: Best Ecotourism Destinations Around The World

Today’s world is shifting their perspective from mass tourism to a more responsible way of traveling. So here we bring for you some of the most loved yet sustainable destinations in the world. These places have rightfully got their tags as ecotourism destinations because here you see ecological conservation meet fun and adventure.

1.Costa Rica: Here Ecotourism combines with Adventure

Costa Rica, also known as República de Costa Rica is located in Central America. It is undoubtedly one of the most associated destinations with ecotourism. Covered one-fourth by rain forests this country has an 801 miles coastline both on the Caribbean and Pacific. 

Giving a home to a variety of exotic birds and animals, including four different species of monkeys, anteaters, sloths, poison dart frogs, collared peccaries, and more.


Moreover, Costa Rica also has breathtaking volcanoes, pristine beaches, and biodiversity. Its Corcovado National Park hosts 13 different ecosystems making it a haven for bird-watchers, hikers, and wildlife photographers alike.

The hotels and resorts throughout the country offer sustainable ecotourism. Many of them conserve biodiversity, landscape their grounds with trees and plants and serve organic food. Various types of ecotourism options include excursions to the country’s volcanoes, nature hikes, whitewater rafting, tours of the country’s coffee region and visits to the thermal hot springs.

2.Thailand: Elephant Nature Park

Established as an elephant rescue center The Elephant Nature Park is in Chiang Mai in Thailand. The national animal faced abuse and a large decrease in their number. This park was established with a mission to rescue and provide shelter to these exploited elephants. Providing for these animals was not an easy task, so the park invented a model that was ethical and responsible.


Here tourists can pick programs and enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures and create memories to last a lifetime. By choosing one of the park’s programs you can spend a day to accompany, feed and even bathe these gentle creations. 

These programs are loved by visitors and are booked months in advance. Actually, their business model is so unique and admired that other organizations have started to use them. Thus, increasing awareness about the exploitation of these animals and leading in a better life for them.

3.Khonoma, Nagaland: First Green Village of India

Situated about 20 km from Kohima in Nagaland is the first green village in India. Yes! First initiated in 2005 this village has completely given up on hunting and cutting of trees thus making it an ecotourism destination.

Belonging to the Angami-Nagas warrior clan hunting was a part of their culture. By ending these activities Khonoma has set an example for others to follow.


The green also signifies Khonoma’s effort for conserving trees and plants. By starting their renewable Jhoom cultivation the village has taken a great step towards eco-conservation.

Sprawled with majestic rice paddy fields, rich biodiversity, and wildlife this village has a way of charming the traveller. One can divulge here in enjoying the rich culture of the Nagas, listen to the elders share stories of bravery and might and enjoy treks in the beautiful valleys.

4.Mai Chau, Vietnam: Valleys, Wine and Village life!

Located 130 km north of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is the village of Mai Chau. Sprawled with open rice fields, mountains, and bamboo-and-wood villages this place is a delight for ecotourism enthusiasts.

One can explore the beautiful outdoors of Mai Chau on foot or bike. As you trek in the area the wildflowers, rice paddies, lush fields just capture your attention. Another mesmerizing experience in Mai Chau is the local home-stay.

Travellers can choose to stay either in Poom Coong or Lac; one of the biggest villages in Mai Chau. These home-stays with their unique tilt houses serve as the village’s rustic yet courteous accommodations.

All in all, trekking, exploring the karst mountain caves, savouring the local rice wine, dining with the locals and much more awaits you in Mai Chau. Also while in Vietnam you can experience the beautiful city of Hoi An.


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5.Iceland: Breathtaking views and sustainable life.

Iceland is one of the top ecotourism countries in the world. Beautiful landscapes and untouched destinations are the main attractions of this island. This country is the cleanest energy consumer in the world because of its geothermal and hydroelectric plants.


The waterfalls, glaciers, exciting fjords, volcanoes, cracked lava fields, gushing geysers and geothermal springs and rivers, Iceland is a country defined by its outdoors, and there is mesmerizing spectacle everywhere.

Moreover, a lot of adventure is available that one can try from white water rafting to horse riding, exploring caves, or strapping on crampons and scaling a glacier.

6. Apo Island, Philippines: For the love of adventure in you!

Apo Island is a small community located 30 km south of Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental. The population of Apo Island is around 1000; the electricity supply is minimum and rainwater is used as tap water.

In the words of Himalayan Gypsy , Apo Island is truly magical and one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. If you love marine life and adventure then this is just the place to be.

Found all over the island Apo Island is mainly famous for its scuba diving sites.  Apart from diving one can also enjoy snorkelling with the sea turtles where you can enjoy the beautiful marine life on this island.  Additionally, trekking and hiking on the small island are some other adventures that can be done.

Stay at atmosphere resorts, dive with the marine life, snorkel with the turtles, explore the eco-trail and relax in this divine destination.

7.Laos, Southeast Asia: Boat Races and Country Life.

Laos is an upcoming ecotourism destination located in Southeast Asia. This country follows a slow pace of life, even in its capital Vientiane. Though still gaining slow popularity this country boasts two UNESCO declared world heritage sites. Covered with countless temples and multiple natural wonders this country is definitely worth a shot.

The Living Land is a perfect medium to understand rural life. It is a wonderful way to experience the culture, engage with the local people and understand all of the different uses for rice. You can also explore the rich handicraft markets or visit the Laos Handicraft festival held in the month of October.

The majestic Vientiane Boat Racing Festival which also takes place in October along the Mekong River is a spectacular event. This is followed by singing, drumming and a lot of fun.

8. Singapore: Being in a Green City!

Singapore holds name as the ‘City In A Garden’ apart from being an urban and technologically advanced country. This place has by far the best man-made garden seen. Popular for its ‘Gardens by the Bay’ which consists of Super Trees that light up at night and serve as water catchments during rains.

Moreover, Singapore is home to a number of nature reserves and ecotourism destinations. Singapore Botanic Gardens declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO is really popular for its flora and fauna.


Night zoo, nature reserves, river safaris, sustainable Skyscrapers and the majestic Gardens by the Bay truly make Singapore a green city.

These were some ecotourism destinations around the world which we recommend. Do tell us which ones you liked the most? Or any other ecotourist spots that you would recommend.

Happy Exploring!😊


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