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We were all working, rushing to our offices, visiting different countries, celebrating life, and suddenly one day we were all locked in our houses, only traveling from one room to another, rushing to pass the day, and working from home. All because of the global crisis caused by the novel coronavirus! It seems like a virus has put our lives on hold. This virus has surely given some time to nature to rejuvenate itself locking down human activities. The time to repay has come! Losses, losses, and losses! Different sectors of the Indian industry are facing losses. One of the industries which have been the main target of the losses because of the coronavirus pandemic is the tourism industry in India. According to an Economic Times report, an overall loss of 4-5 lakh crore is suffered by the tourism sector in India.

People all over the world are looking for places to visit after the coronavirus pandemic ends, places that are safe enough to travel after this global pandemic. Human beings are not able to sit at home and are developed an urgency to leave their houses and go out for a vacation. Worry not! We are here to provide a solution to this problem. We are here with the safest places to travel after the coronavirus pandemic ends. Well, we would suggest not traveling to any place until this crisis comes to a complete end.

  • Mauritius-There have been only a few cases of coronavirus to date in Mauritius. The country is not only famous for its beaches, but there are also so many things to do in Mauritius. If you are a diehard fan of lush green forests and beautiful hills, you can visit Black River Gorges National Park. This national park is the home to around 300 species of plants, birds, monkeys, fruit bats, and more. Not far from this National Park, there is the Tamarind Falls. Near the falls, there are around 10 hiking tours you can visit. Ganga Talao also comes under one of the best places to see in Mauritius. From beautiful beaches to amazing hiking trips, Mauritius will amazingly provide you a break from your work from home regime after the coronavirus pandemic ends.


Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends

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Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends 2

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  • Bali– According to a Times of India report, Bali remains one of the coronavirus free destinations in Indonesia. Already popular as the honeymoon destinations, Bali can make your vacation worth remembering for sure. Apart from the beautiful seas and golden beaches, there is a charm in this island which makes it the Island of the Gods. Kuta beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali where a 2-hour surfing trip is a must to have. If you are looking for something serene, Ulun Danu Temple is a holy place famous for its beautiful structure and has shrines dedicated to different God. Well, we know staying at home was boring for some of you. How about indulging in some adventure? Surrounded by lush green forests, Bali’s Treetop adventure park will provide you with some amazing adventurous activities. It is a great place to visit with your friends and family members. From diving at Padang Bai to having a fun-filled afternoon in the Treetop adventure park, Bali is the place to go after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

  Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends 3

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  • Nepal-Talking of the most beautiful places to visit, one can never forget mentioning Nepal in this list. How about taking a break from all the coronavirus stress and exploring the beautiful bounties of Nepal? From its rich natural beauty to its historical attractions, Nepal has been one of the best tourist places in the world. With only 9 cases till now and 0 deaths, Nepal can be considered one of the safest places to explore after the coronavirus pandemic ends. For all the adventure enthusiasts, Nepal provides some of the best treks. Whether it is the Manaslu Trek or the Poonhill trek, trekking in Nepal is one of the top things you must do after the novel coronavirus pandemic ends. Pokhara in Nepal is another place to go for the adventure junkies. From mountain biking to river rafting, Pokhara will make your coronavirus stress go away.


Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends 4

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Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends 5

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  • Seychelles-Seychelles is an archipelago in Eastern Africa and is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations for the couples. With only 10 cases to date and 0 deaths, Seychelles has been one of the safest places to travel after the coronavirus pandemic ends. From rock climbing to taking pictures of the flora and fauna, Seychelles provides amazing opportunities to spend a wonderful time on vacation. The country is home to some of the cleanest beaches in the world. Take a sunbath with your partner and let your mind and body feel the positive vibes and let go of the negative coronavirus pandemic.  Zip lining and rock climbing are the best adventurous things to do in Seychelles. The trekkers must go for Copolia Trail and experience one of the best treks in the world. Plan some Island hopping in Seychelles after the coronavirus pandemic ends.


Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends 6

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Safest places to travel after Corona pandemic ends 7

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The coronavirus pandemic has got no chills. These are some of the safest places till now where it would be great for you to visit after the global novel coronavirus pandemic ends. In India, however, Goa is one of the safest places to travel after this pandemic ends because to date there are very few cases in Goa. Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, and Puducherry are also amongst the safest places to travel in India after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

If International Travel is not on the cards anytime soon, then one place that you must definitely visit is Chandigarh.Here are 20 best places that you must visit while in Chandigarh.

The world has not seen a pandemic like this for years. The seriousness of the situation is something that people need to understand right away. We would highly recommend not starting dispersing right after the pandemic ends. Give it some time to settle. Hopefully, we will have a life to travel to some amazing destinations then. We are together in a fight against coronavirus. Let us together stay at home right now. Even when you decide to travel to these places, consider taking precautions. Make sanitizer and face mask your best friends. Keep them handy in your bag. Keep washing hands after you touch anything. Only precautions can help us become stronger in this fight against novel coronavirus.


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And Guys , please be Safe . This turbid time too will surely come to an end soon, Corona will be defeated . And then, we all will  Travel like anything & Tourism industry will boom again!

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  1. apoorv says:

    I actually planned for a trip to Bali, this March but luckily, I didn’t go. But it’s on the top of my bucket list right now and damn… I can’t wait to get my passport stamped 😂

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  2. Seychelles surely is not a place to be missed of luck for your future Travel Endeavours !


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    Seychelles is in my bucket list. That can be visited.

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  5. hahaha. I too am already making mental lists of where all we want to go once things cool down.

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