My child was vaccinated as a toddler. Why does he need additional booster vaccine?

Like many of you, I was also unaware of the need for booster vaccines. It plays a commendable role in our welfare and yet, many parents remain unaware.

I came to know about this through a close family doctor, Dr Abhay during the time of the booster vaccine of my son. As said, I was completely unaware of the term, hence decided to sit with Dr Abhay and know more about it. He was kind enough to spare some time for me and answered all of my questions. Here is what I learnt from him. It’s very valuable for parents.

How are booster vaccines different?

Booster vaccine or booster shots are the additional doses of vaccines, given in the later stage of life. In addition to regular vaccines, they are an assurance that the body will fight the disease effectively.

Regular vaccines are injected into your kid’s body to let the immune system become aware of the disease and create antibodies to fight it. As a result, the body becomes capable of fighting that kind of virus or bacteria without any concern.

But as time passes, the body may stop creating these antibodies that are protecting the kid. In this case, the body becomes vulnerable to the disease caused by such bacteria.

This is where the booster vaccine plays an important role. A booster shot of vaccine is injected at the later stages of life. It makes your kid’s body re-aware of the diseases and starts regenerating the antibodies again thus, as the term suggests it boosts their immunity.

Why shouldn’t you miss the booster vaccine for your child?


Vaccines are the surest way to prevent serious infectious diseases and protect us through our lifetime. Booster shots are further reassurance of it.

Booster vaccines are unique in their own way and are given periodically at later stages of life. For example: DPT booster doses are given to children between the ages of 4-6 and 9-13. These are to boost their immunity against these diseases.

Others such as flu shots are given in the annual flu season to protect the kid from any further suffering.

Although booster vaccinations may not be mandatory/statutory but they are recommended by doctors all over the world.

As it is a topic that will make an impact on your kid’s health, it is always wise to learn about it from a doctor itself. As for the cost, these vaccines are under an economical budget so that everyone can take advantage of it. You can easily talk to your doctor and he will be able to guide you the best.

As the doctor explained to me, these vaccines can turn out to be a big boon in a kid’s life, may be at a later stage.

So, share this blog with your friends who should know about this. However, strictly ask them to take advice of qualified doctors only for a personal booster vaccine schedule.

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The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Sanofi Pasteur India. Sanofi Pasteur India bears no responsibility for the content of the blog. One should consult their healthcare provider for any health-related information.


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  1. TheMomSagas says:

    Booster vaccines are truly imp but a lot of parents tend to take it lightly. And sometimes delay for various reasons. Your post helps to let them know the relevance of timely vaccines

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  2. Dr Bushra Allaboutthewoman says:

    #Dontwaitvaccinate lots of query’s regarding booster vaccination running through parents mind. Agree delay in vaccination increase chances of contracting disease. This post clear the doubts

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  3. pythoroshan says:

    I am glad you brought up this topic. Many parents had similar doubts and questions at the hospital too.

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