Restart Right- The changing face of health insurance


We all are slowly and steadily stepping out of the lock-down. Trying to make our life fall the way it was before. But, is the world the same as we knew it was?

Certainly not.

Before anything, you must protect yourself while getting back to a normal lifestyle in India. The first step towards this is to take all the precautions. And another would be a health insurance.

A popular Video on air these days just briefs the same beautifully :



From a luxury, it has moved towards a necessity. Recently, I too came across the following situation where I was needed to enlighten my younger brother about everything on health insurance. He just started a family of his own and is unconcerned about their safety and future.

It was just another lazy evening during the lockdown when I decided to check on my health insurance. After observing me for an hour, my brother Aakash spoke up and asked: “You look busy. What are you up to right now?”

I simply answered, “I am looking for the best health insurance that fits my needs. What about you? Have you chosen any?”

To this, he replied: “Why do I need Health Insurance when I am already paying for a Life Insurance?”

It didn’t come to me as a shock but, as an elder brother, I decided to at least clear up his myths. Hence, I said, “Aakash, you have just started a family of your own. And it’s nice to hear that you have at least paid attention toward your life insurance. But as a matter of fact, the situation around the world is teaching us to take extra precautions.

Life insurance is a fund that would be delivered to your family if you lose your life. Whereas, health insurance is a security fund that will help you throughout the medication while you face any medical issues.”

Listening to this, he asked: “Don’t you think I am too young for opting for health insurance? Isn’t it like blowing up money?”

In my head, I knew it was a typical Indian mindset to overlook health. I smiled and answered, “Suddenly the world is under lockdown. People are suffering at a rate like never before. And the cost for quality treatment can be unbearable for any family.

In an unfortunate event, if you or any of your family members came across an accident, it will drain your financial savings and more if you don’t have health insurance.

If you do, the insurance will cover it all. And by the way no one is too young for health insurance.”

Fortunately, Aakash was now paying full attention towards the topic. After a minute of thinking, he asked: “Will health insurance be a different thing after this lockdown?”

To this, I replied, “Surely it will. It is crucial to protect yourself while getting back to a normal lifestyle in India. To make this possible insurance companies shall be changing their norms to deal with all this lockdown situation.

The claim policy, the criteria for a claim, and all the cover, everything must be different once the lockdown is taken off.”

Aakash enthusiastically replied: “Yes, I am convinced. I’ll call my agent and take the first health insurance that he suggests to me.”

I was happy to hear that but, I interrupted him. “That’s good to hear, but wait. Don’t be so quick on your feet for this. Before signing up for any insurance, you must check all the details such as benefits covered, coverage, co-pay and room rent, limits, consumables, etc.”

And with this, he nodded his head and, we started looking for health insurance for his family too and after comparing all the options, we zeroed in on health insurance offered by ICICI Lombard.

As said, we are stepping out of our homes during this unlock phase, the possibility of facing un-prepared calamity has increased. And as a family person, protecting our love ones is our priority. This post was to make you aware about the changing faces and importance of health insurance in today’s world. I hope it helps you in a good way, as it did to Aakash and #RestartRight.

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