A family that snacks together stays together

The best part about the year gone by has been the bonding with my family! I know I would nearly be crucified for making light of something as serious as the pandemic. However, we like to look at the silver lining. While it has definitely been a difficult time, grappling with the very idea of a pandemic, social distancing and staying at home on one hand and reworking our life philosophy on the other, there’s still some good we could get out of it.

It wasn’t so cool and happy in the beginning. We were together at home but still in our own worlds since we had to be online for work. The plethora of video calls meant that we each had to have a separate workspace. We would take short breaks alternatively so that we could keep an eye on the kids. That meant scheduling our video calls and Zoom meetings in such a way that both of us wouldn’t be glued to our screens while the kids pulled out milk and snacks from the refrigerator and splashed things on the living room floor.

Talking of kids and their ever-growing hunger – let us tell you we are doing an eye roll. I had heard my friends say that their children are fussy eaters but no, mine never was. They are robustly active with voracious appetites, because, well, they are growing. So, we had our kiddo pulling out snack packets, wrestling them open, and in the process spilling them all over. We were dealing with irate clients and messy kids simultaneously.

This had to stop before it got crazier so we started structuring our days. Children do need a lot of little meals and frankly, so did we. The lack of physical activity meant larger meals were a no-no. So, we scheduled 2 snack breaks, mid-morning and mid-evening. We conscientiously switched off work and spent time making finger foods! And boy, was that fun. We realised that the children had missed having our undivided attention and that’s why they were getting cranky. Coming together as a family to bake Oreo cakes, making strawberry milkshakes, biscuit toppings, mini pizzas assuaged more than our hunger. We devised little games of taking out the ingredients and handing them around while we made those snacks. In India, the family that snacks together stays together, we realised.

Watching the trends on TV, of how Indians spent their time during the pandemic, cooped in their homes, and reading Mondelēz International’s Second Annual State of Snacking™ Report was an eye-opener. The report which was developed in partnership with the Harris Poll reported that 88% of parents said snack time is one of the few times where the family comes together. At the end of the day, we’re all social snackers, aren’t we?

That certainly included us and the way our family is run! The pandemic has changed many lifestyle habits. We not only aim to be more mindful but also spend more time with our families and snack time is the best time to get together. Don’t you agree?

Look forward to reading your views in the comment section below .

Stay Safe !


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  1. Sushmita Malakar says:

    Snacking has always been that activity that brings us all together! Weekend family gatherings over chai and coffee was a legit thing in our home! And I am so glad I am continuing the tradition, miles away from home!

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  2. bytetrails says:

    Snack time is indeed the best time to bond together as a family. We too prefer giving small healthy snacks to our kids instead of big 3 meals.

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  3. Snack time and family bonding, for those that live with family, are almost synonymous! I’ve had a similar experience through the pandemic. #StateofSnacking

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  4. CINDY DSILVA says:

    Totally agree. We have learnt to love differently. It’s a nice excuse for family time.

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