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When we decided to accept this guest post and go live with it, we never knew it will be among most popular posts on our Blog. Its been 1.5 years since it was published but our dear readers keep visiting this post and hence a Re-Blog !! Thank you Readers !!

Inside Out With Rahul Yuvi

“Every obstacle has an opportunity!” This is one of the most motivating quote, we all keep hearing. But, I got to experience the true essence of this profound one-liner, when I faced a drastic downfall in my life. My health wasn’t good, I lost my decently good-paying yet amazing job and my relationship was also undergoing a bad phase too. In short, I was at the rock-bottom phase of life.

There is another quote “When Nothing Goes Right, Take Left”! Though this quote is said in a humorous manner but it does make a sense, sometimes. So, when nothing was going “Right” in my life, I decided to take a “Left”. That left was attending the Art of Living – Happiness program.


What is the Art of Living – Happiness program all about?

As the same suggest “Art of Living”, it teaches us the right way of living (not just…

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