The Journey of Cocoa Farming|A Virtual Tour

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Cocoa farming is an intercrop and it requires temperatures between 10 to 20 degrees to grow cocoa crop lusciously. The fields of South India growing coconut and areca nut plantations were found suitable by the crop scientists for cocoa farming. The top organizations and the NGO’s working to promote cocoa farming in India started contacting these farmers to acquaint them about the procedure of cocoa farming and the direct benefits that they could reap additional income and a better life.

Cocoa farming saves the land from erosion because the leaves of cocoa are widespread on the land, thereby controlling soil erosion.

I recall the day when we casually discussed the plan of cocoa farming to the farmers dealing in coconut and arecanut plantations. They laughed away at the proposal because they could not digest the fact that cocoa can be farmed easily even in small plantations field and not much expenditure was required to start with.

One of them asked me boldly,

“Why do you want to come out and help us? What’s your interest?”

“Yes, my interest lies in watching my country flourish in cocoa farming. It has many benefits; you receive additional income and more people are required for farming, so multiple people in family gets employment. The more you invest energy and time on the same land of plantations, your benefits double.”

“But, we are ignorant about it and you are talking about flourishing business.” Many farmers said in unison and their baffling attitude was absolutely normal.

“We are here to help you, we will show you how it can be done and will walk hand in hand to promote cocoa farming in India.” And, we are doing our best with the set of farmers and they have learnt the tricks and our time-to-time educational classes has helped them to see wonders in their fields.

We took them on a virtual tour via our promotional bus from one location to another and it did interest them. The questions pouring from all quarters were the proof.

Our team worked with them from the scratch by preparing the soil, the saplings and plantations and how to brew and send them into markets.

The journey of cocoa farming in India seems to grow exponentially by 2025 reaching to approx. 5 lacs farmers, thereby giving them rational earning, a better livelihood and more and more people of the family will get employed, the direct impact of cocoa farming in India and the massive turnover will bring laurels to the country.

I won’t say that cocoa farming is smooth, it is fraught with the challenges and if cocoa farming is not taken well care of, it results in low yield. However , if right procedure is followed, it undoubtedly results in good yield and good yields equals to awesome return.

Cocoa is used by multiple brands to prepare confectionaries, drinks and in many preparations. It is an item adored by the people of all age group.

The organizations are working day and night with the farmers and it is visualized that by few years, all the farmers having plantations land, irrespective of the size of the land will do brisk business of cocoa farming.

The aim is not only to promote cocoa farming but simultaneously, the target is to uplift the life of the children of the farmers by giving them good education, hygienic conditions and environment. At many places, schools have been built with best amenities encompassing academics with sports for the well-being of the existing and coming generations.

The organizations motive is not only to teach them cocoa farming but even make them independent in getting best deals of their produce and timely payment.

Cocoa farming in India helped in women empowerment and more and more women have started to join in cocoa farming to make their life comfortable and a good means of livelihood.

The sweet cocoa is going to make the life sweeter of the farmers and in the years to come, it will make life comfy of the farmers.


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