Review : Artisan Chocolates by BeeTee’s Melt

Who doesn’t love chocolates and what if some body offers you Gluten free, Soy free, Refined sugar free, Preservative free ones ?

Pleasantly surprised ? We too were when we got to know about a Chennai (India) based chocolate manufacturer called Bee Tee’s Melt , who claimed to be offering natural, vegan Chocolates with all earlier mentioned qualities.

But we thought why not to explore more about them first before ordering anything and only once we were satisfied that its an ISO & GMP certified company that we ordered following three products of theirs :

1. 72% Dark Chocolate

2. 54% Coconut milk Chocolate

3. 48% Milk Chocolate

The Review :

Excellent is the word honestly . While many a times it happens , especially in case of chocolates that they are insanely priced, beautifully packed but the product inside packaging is strictly average in taste. Fortunately, it wasn’t a similar case this time as here we were with chocolates that tasted so good, so smooth & with utterly delicious mouthfeel.

To the top of that , being completely Gluten, Refined sugar and Preservative free , there was no Guilt feeling after engulfing all 3 chocolates inside stomach in as many days 🙂 . If We were to rank them based on taste then it would go like this :

1. Coconut milk Chocolate

2. Dark Chocolate

3. Milk Chocolate

Very Well done BeeTee’s Team for offering such delectable taste at a reasonable cost while prioritizing health parameters as well. But please bring in some more flavours too .Look forward to visit your manufacturing Unit & Store in person some fine day & trying other products as well.


Hope our readers found the post worth reading & useful . Please do let us know which one’s your favourite chocolates in the comment section.

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