Vintage Travel : A Virtual Tour & Photo-log of 19th Century Tijara Fort Palace, Rajasthan

Hey Folks !

With the sole aim of putting forth best of the content to read, thereby putting a smile on the faces of our readers amidst whole Covid chaos , here we are again with another Travelogue . This time the destination is the beautiful city of Alwar in the state known for its Royal Lineage- Rajasthan ,India.

And specifically, the subject photo-log aims to take you all on a quick Virtual tour of a spectacular 19th Century Fort Palace , converted into a Hotel while retaining its Vintage Aura – The Tijara Fort Palace.

Palace is maintained by same group of Neemrana Hotels which maintain the 16th Century Neemrana Fort Palace about which we had wrote earlier :

Weekend Trip to Neemrana Fort Palace


Coming back to present times, here we go :

Destination : Tijara Fort Palace

Where : Alwar , Rajasthan, India

Which Era : 19th Century

Characters in the Photo-Log : Baby YoYo, Kiddo Yuvi and the couple ofcourse – Nishtha & Rahul

How to Reach ?

Tijara Fort is about 105 km from New Delhi .Depending upon traffic condition on any given day , it would be safe to consider 2.5 hours as approximate time it takes to complete the drive to destination from Delhi.

Best Time to Visit

Would say Mid-October to Feb – winters basically, all thanks to lush green lawns where one can enjoy under the Sun while being in the lap of Mother Nature.

For How many days ?

We were there at the Fort for 3 days but considering the serenity and the ambiance there, you may easily go for extended vacations, for its not about sightseeing but about letting the beautiful feeling of eternal peace & bliss sink in while the kids have fun in open.

Virtual Tour

Before we say adieu till our next post, allow us to take you on a Virtual Tour of Tijara Fort Palace :

Neemrana or Tijara – Final Word !!

While both the Fort palaces have been maintained well , but if given a choice to visit any of these forts again , we will choose Neemrana for the sole reason that one can find relatively more sections from vintage era there while major portions at Tijara have been renovated and newly done. Food too was more sumptuous at Neemrana.


Blog Cover Photo & Thumbnail Credit : Official Website of Neemrana Hotels

Video’s Background Score : Most Respected Pandit Shivkumar Sharma Ji’s Mishra Bhairavi


Hope you all would have liked this effort of ours to bring an informative post for our readers.Meanwhile , till we come up with something equally interesting next , do enjoy reading our unique Travelogues here :

Namaste & Take Care !


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