Travel Stories: Rendezvous with real Humans

A famous quote reads, ‘Travel far enough & you will meet yourself’ .

But there is no denying the fact that while on the move, you sometime happen to meet a few people who, unknowingly, enhance your travel experience with their sheer humanness. I too happened to meet one such person during Nepal exploration who changed my perception towards looking at things.

Let’s meet the guy himself: Mr.Prem (with his trademark sunshades on)

During our 4 days Nepal expedition, Prem drove us through the streets of Nepal, touching Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur & Nagarkot. We had a number of conversations with him while on the way and prima-facie it appeared that he is a super cool & a happy go lucky guy who is simply enjoying his life, without any issues at all.

However, as the talks went on, I eventually realized that my judgement about him was only partially correct. He indeed was a good human being but what I didn’t know about were the personal hardships ( lots of rather) he was going through in his life, which he hesitantly shared with us on the 3rd day. However, it won’t be fair on my part to disclose them here.

But despite all odds, he was smiling all 24*7. Despite all the anxieties that he might be going through inside, he was totally composed & very true to his duty.  In fact, he went all out to make sure that we are able to cover maximum tourist spots (some were not even included in the original itinerary). It was Dashain time (one of the biggest festivals of Nepal) & so all the food outlets/shops -big or small – were closed while we were on our way to Pokhara from Kathmandu. We were little worried for the kid but Prem arranged the best snacks that he could under those circumstances.

Besides a wonderful travel guide & a perfect driver, Prem was a living example of what I had only read so far- anxieties can be best dealt with calmness & patience. When things are not going your way, you got to put your best foot forward, rather than getting irritated. Secondly, I learnt from him that irrespective of what all is going around, one is supposed to perform his/her duty with full sincerity & with a smile because – ‘The show must go on!’


So this was it for this time guys . If you too wish to share your stories with us , then reach us at . We will publish the best ones here on our Blog & on our social media handles.


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Cover Photo Credit : Unsplash [dot] com

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