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“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” – Thomas Jefferson

Whatever Mr.Thomas quoted is 100% true for there is so much more to Paris than just Eiffel Tower. I mean, before departing for Europe, my perception for France and Paris in particular, based on a few movies that I had seen, was that it’s all about alcohol,beef ,pork and cliche night life there with lots of rude people around .And hence, I thought, for  non-drinker vegetarian people, Paris just won’t fit in which is why I even tried to swap France with Italy in my itinerary but my tour operator didn’t agree. And Thank God he didn’t , for I was so wrong about Paris & about France as a whole  !!!

Paris , my dear friends , is just too beautiful a city to miss and people there are so chilled out that you gonna love every single moment you will spend there. And so , Lets straightaway  commence the #Europe Travel Diaries with a la mode Paris !

(As promised , the whole Europe Travel Series Blogs will  be  ‘Minimum #Text and Maximum #Photographs’ kind of write ups.)

Get, Set , Go :

The word Bonjour needs no introduction and it is probably a perfect word to kick start our Paris endeavours  here  :


Similarly, one of the most important monuments which certifies your moments of awe in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe  which  honours those who fought & died for  France in  French Revolutionary & Napoleonic wars :

paris main attractions

And just to give you a feel , here’s how the lovely city of Paris looks like as seen from Eiffel Tower , Level 2nd   :


Now that the photographs above have set the mood & tone for a wonderful journey ahead, let me take you into the nitty-gritties of the city .

The moment you land in Paris , one thing you fall immediately in love with are the cobblestone streets & roads which have their own charm as they look like a work of art themselves, creating a  vintage romance kind of backdrop :


Next come the exceptionally beautiful buildings all round Paris , which present the finest examples of Belle Epoque  architecture . Domes,  neo-Gothic or Gallo-Roman ,just name it and you will find each of these architecture , ready to mesmerize you with the sheer elegance with which they have been presented .Have a look at yourself :


Moving on ,  Ladies , Girlfriends & Wives – you all just gonna love Paris beyond anything for it’s a shopping hub , that too a very elite & selective one . As for the poor Boyfriends & Husbands , kindly make sure your Multi-currency Cards are heavily loaded . Here’s  a snapshot to cheer up the Feminines  :


Fine then, now lets have a quick glance at some of the ‘Must Know Top 3’  of Paris  :

  • Top 3 Places to see : Arc de Triomphe ;  The Louvre Museum ;  The Eiffel Tower
  • Top 3 Things to buy : Handbags & Face creams for women ; Coffee Cups & Saucers (similar to the ones they predominantly use in Cafes here) ; Souvenirs
  • Top 3 Things Street foods to eat : Macarons ; Pasteries & Falafel

P.S. : Paris has got way more than just what’s listed above, in every single section but  I am leaving lot of things for you to explore yourself .Besides, here we have to keep the blog crisp & short as well  😛

#Travel Tips

  • What NOT to buy from Paris : Chocolates, yes you read it right .Don’t buy chocolates from Paris, especially if you have plans to travel to other parts of Europe .Not because they are bad or something, just because you will find much better taste & options in Belgium or at Switzerland.
  • What must to carry while Travelling to Paris : Besides the Umbrella , all my  vegetarian friends out here , please carry Ready to eat  vegetarian food packets/snacks with you (Cupa -Noodles etc.), specially if you have got kids with you.

Alright folks , so it’s time to quickly take you through some of the fun times we had at Paris :

city sightseeing paris20180618_14261220180618_18263520180618_15185820180618_182934best places to visit in paris

And  hey , we even found an Indian Connection in Paris : The Indian style Tuk Tuk


Before we conclude , smile a little while watching this mere 8 seconds video of a French local , who was dancing for no apparent reason, enjoying all by himself  , without giving a damn to the world  around 🙂  :

Video : And that’s exactly why tourists just love Paris !!

Another Guy needs a special mention here , our Tour Manager  and now a good friend , Mr. Guru Iyer  who made sure that our Europe Vacations turn out to be better than what we expected.


Post Script –Value Addition by Readers

  1. A very good reader friend of mine, after going through this blog , has strongly recommended to add two ‘Must do’ things in Paris in addition to what’s listed above – Buying Perfumes & Cruising through River Siene !
  2. Regarding accommodation in Paris ,  I came across an article  titled as  “Airbnb Location – The Most Competitive Cities” whereby Paris has been listed as well.You may google it. 


I hope you all enjoyed going through this particular write up . Please do share the post on your Facebook walls , Twitter Handles , Pinterest Boards  if you found it worth a read .

Would really love to hear your feedback . 

You may like to read my next Blog of the Europe Travel Series, on  Belgium , here :

On the streets of Brussels, Belgium !

 Namaste & Take care  !!

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