Best scenic trekking trails in Munnar

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Whether you are one of those people who has never been on a trek but want to go on one or someone who wants to explore new destinations for their next adventure, Munnar has something in store for you. Munnar has all the elements that promise a big dose of adrenaline rush and lots of awesome moments.

The trekking trails in Munnar offer challenges, compensated by breath-taking panoramic views of rolling hills, verdant forests, plantations, rivers and dams and the towns and villages below. And, the pleasant weather conditions make the treks genuinely memorable.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the best trekking routes in Munnar. You’ll love them, for the thrills they will bring on.



The Chokramudi trek can be split into four segments – the Shola walk and the grass stroll are ideal trekking trails for beginners, who want to experience the thrill and the pleasure of trekking through the wilderness. A certain degree of physical fitness is required for the next part of the trek as it tests your endurance. The Shola walk stretch leads you to open grasslands, and the trek gets difficult from thereon, with the steep climb followed by treacherous terrain. Apart from the fantastic view and the delight of the climb, the main highlight of the Chokramudi trek is that at 7,200 feet, you’d have conquered the highest peak in Munnar.

Tip: You can stay at one of the Nature resorts in Munnar, close to the base camp. Ensure your safety by wearing proper trekking gear. Carry water and snacks, preferably energy bars, nuts and some fruits to munch. Hire the services of a local guide, who knows the way around the territory.

Mathikettan Shola Rainforest

Munnar Forest

Undoubtedly the most exciting trek, in Kerala, the Mathikettan Shola Rainforest takes you through a forest reserve area. The Mathikettan Shola Rainforest sits between two forest reserve areas – the Pampadum National Park and the Eravikulam National Park. Therefore, the trek involves venturing into the depths of the jungles. It is a dense forest, with tall trees and thickets with always a chance of an encounter with wildlife, such as elephants, spotted deer and the Nilgiri Tahr (wild goat), among other creatures. An abundance of flora and fauna, unique to the region, enhances the beauty of the trek.

Interestingly, Mathikettan Shola is aptly christened, as it translates to ‘brain puzzling’. It is easy to get lost in the labyrinth created by the jungle paths. The trek through the forested area is challenging. There are different routes, but most trekkers choose the 3 km stretch, from Poopara to Shantanpara. Special permits need to be taken from the Forest Department, at Pooppara, for the tougher and longer, 14 km trek.

The forest dept. offers the service of guides, these folks are local tribesmen, who know the forest like the back of their hand. Their company, through the trek, makes it less risky. The trek can take up to 7 hours and is approximately 10-12 km long. On a lucky day, you’ll see elephants and other wildlife along the way.

Tip: Start the trek early, so you can get back before it gets dark. Overnight camping in the forest is strictly prohibited. There are no eating joints inside the forest, so take food along.



Pothamedu is a hilltop that offers spectacular views of the hills and the valleys around. The trek to Pothamedu is one of the most popular treks, for beginners. It takes roughly 4-5 hours to complete the trek, but it is a lovely, as it takes you through serene environs, such as vast cardamom plantations and tea estates.

The rising mist and the green hills all-round add a new dimension to the scenery. The landscape is picture-postcard perfect. Words don’t do justice to the tranquillity of the place, and it has to be experienced first-hand. Surprisingly, the trek doesn’t tire you, even though it takes a few hours to complete.

The highlight of the trek is the sweeping view of Munnar from the hilltop. And on a clear day, the Idukki Arch Dam and the River Muthirapuzha, located at roughly 60 km, can be seen from atop the hill.

Tip: Dress comfortably, in layers, so you can remove them if it gets sweaty or put them on if it gets chilly. Taking a local guide is advisable, as they know the way around the forest area.

Letchmi Estate Munnar trek

Munnar Panaromic view

Another one of those treks that has an easy to moderate difficulty level, making it suitable for beginners, with an adventurous streak. However, if you are a nature lover and a bird enthusiast, this trek is designed for you. The trail traverses through a carpet of tea plantations, offering fantastic views of the peaks, forested areas and the expanse of the grasslands.

Letchmi hills are approximately 3 km from Munnar. The base of the trek is at around 1400 MASL, and the climb up takes you to 1950 MASL. It takes roughly 30-40 minutes to reach the top of the hill, from where you get a bird’s eye view of Munnar and the Anamudi peak and the Idulli dam. The route passes through tea estates, but since it is an upward walk, it does get a little steep at specific stretches.

Yellapetty trek

Morning view in Munnar

An impressive trek that ends with a night in a camping site. Camping and overnight stay are restricted in the forest reserve areas, but if you want to spend the night camping in the wilderness, then the Yellapetty trek is the one for you.

The trek navigates through the tea estates and crisscrosses winding paths along the Kundalai and Mattupatty Dams and echo-point. The delightful trek culminates at an altitude of 6420 feet, overlooking the Yellapetty Estate (Kannan Devan Hills Plantations).

It is a moderately difficult trek where you navigate mountain ridges for a splendid view of the lower areas of neighbouring Tamil Nadu, and Kolukkumalai, one of the tallest peaks in the region. The flourishing tea estate of Kolukkumalai has the distinction of being the highest in the world. Camping is allowed at designated spots, and trekkers can book tents and other eco-accommodations, for the night stay.


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General tips for Trekking :

  • Carry food and water on all the treks
  • Leave behind stuff not required on the trek and travel light
  • Wear proper trekking shoes, and clothe yourself properly, to prevent insect bites and leeches
  • Do not litter the protected areas, carry your trash back and dispose it properly
  • Keep a safe distance from wild animals
  • Listen to the guide, they are experienced
  • Ensure you are physically fit, before you proceed on the trek


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