My solo Adventurous experience at Dandeli forest , Karnataka  


An Article penned by Karthik Shivalingaiah


In July 2019, I visited Dandeli wildlife reserve. It was a terrific experience. The forest is thick and we might see wild boars, bird varieties, Indian bison, and deers. One would have the luck of seeing Black Panther known to live in the suburbs. Situated 460 km away from Bangalore, Dandeli is well known for its haven of wildlife, dense deciduous trees, paper mills, and, mainly, trekking. Dandeli is the best adventure particularly for metropolitan folks obsessed with city life’s hustles.


Forest houses a variety of medicinal plants other than teak trees and rosewood. As the soil is abundant in iron, authorities say the mining took place several years ago.

Overlook the never-ending pressure at work and be the happiest junkie in the dense forest. White water rafting, natural jacuzzi, adventure hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, animal safari, and several more things like that would certainly set your moods up and give you an energy boost! With its most thrilling and fascinating beauty, a two-day trip to Dandeli would become the greatest stress smasher!

Dandeli, Karnataka

Dandeli became the eco-tourism hub of Karnataka. Dandeli has now been very popular with Outdoor enthusiasts and others who have been searching for adventure including White Water Rafting over the past decade.

If you want to explore this paradise, I’m just trying to share my experience of Dandeli.


Summer climate in Dandeli

I would like to share my first experience of solo travel to Dandeli. Vacationing by Solo has opened my eyes to the whole new world of experience. I want to share it with you!

In summer, the weather in Dandeli is mainly enjoyable and pleasant, enabling visitors to enjoy many activities such as river rafting, kayaking, zorbing, and more. The mean temperature estimated in Dandeli is around 20 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius in summer.

How to reach Dandeli from Bangalore?

I started traveling by train till the junction at Londa. I arrived at the spot early in the morning. I took a cab from the junction to reach Dandeli bus stand.

There was a cab in the resort to pick up. And, it has been a fantastic journey. You can also choose for Taxi or if you have a car. Either you can rent a car or wait to take a local bus to that of the Dandeli bus stand. Their local vendors will love to help you get over there

Things to Aspire at Dandeli

  • Nature at its very finest-If you just love to be greeted by trees then you’re not going to be disappointed.
  • Birds-If you only would like to see unique bird types than you’re lucky! You made the correct choice to visit Dandeli. Just ensure that at the right moment you are heading to the best location to see those Birds.
  • You will see the river, feel the flow and raft on the KALI River.


  • Adventure- Yes, you will only enjoy various adventure experiences when you’re in Dandeli. White Water Rafting, Kayaking, River Crossing, Paragliding all those things you can do.
  • Picnic-Yes, there are several picnic places around Dandeli. Moulangi, Syntheri Rocks, Gobbarala, Kogilabana to mention.
  • Stay in Forest-Yes you’ve got a ton of choices to enjoy living within Forest. Google here you will have all the details.
  • Jungle Explorer-Yes there is jungle Safari organized by the department of Karnataka Forest.
  • Elephant Riding-Available nearby Panasoli.Make new Buddies

    I spotted a lot of tourists checking in after reaching Dandeli. Few have been solo and some have been with colleagues who also bought tickets from eventserica. Many of them had come from various countries and ethnic groups. We began chatting and found that some of the discrepancies we come with there were several common topics to talk about. The crazy part of meeting random people is that you don’t have to face it up – you can either be yourself.

    Label to visit with fellow travellers

    When I had made some friends, we planned to walk together around the location. The benefit of walking around with fellow travelers is that you can save a lot of money and have various viewpoints to explore the places.

    Filling my time with joy

    Dandeli adventure sets are custom-crafted out there for passionate explorers! I arrived in Dandeli, checked-in at the campsite at about 11:00 AM, and proceeded for lunch. Set up with my phones, notepads and I followed the trek to one of the surrounding forests after feasting on a satisfying lunch. Move through the dense thickets; experience how nature, along with a fun bird watching sight, has filled the environment with its vibrant colors.

With the end of the trek; I returned to the campsite by about 5:00 p.m. and refilled myself with an energetic hi-tea and snacks. And I started the day’s enjoyable-frolic while engaging in a series of indoor and outdoor games until late in the evening. A fun bonfire preceded by my dinner afterward has made the evening even more interesting before I left for the day. For myself, I just decided to enjoy the Solo experience and have a pleasant experience.


This last thing I would like to say is to do some research when you go-like save the vacation spots on Google maps. This type offers you a feeling of comfort if you are in. For Dandeli, I think 2 days is plenty. If you’re into creative outputs, you may, of course, spend a long time here watching daytime mountains and watching nighttime stars and letting your creative ideas trickle.


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