15 Best things to do in Europe

The continent of Europe surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and Arctic ocean in the north is without any justification home to spectacular sceneries, endless beaches, palaces, and every outdoor beauty one could wish for. For obvious reasons, Europe is destined to witness the presence of every enthusiastic traveller who’s bucket list is sure to be dominated by a once in a lifetime visit to this beautiful land. Covering over 6.8% of the earths total land area, Europe is segregated into fifty sovereign states which include nations like Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. With tons of places to visit and wander around, planning a tour to this destination can seem pretty overwhelming with respect to fear of missing out on the best. Stating by experience, we have prepared a list with all the amazing things you could do, all that are budget- friendly, yet amazing. Buckle up, read along and ready your bags to raid this land of the experiences it has to offer.


1.Enjoy High tea in London (London, United Kingdom)

Evening tea is about as British as the Union Jack and the Queen. You can settle on a plain spot of tea and a biccie (biscuit), or push out the pontoon and have high tea at one of the numerous superb settings all through the city. There’s even the choice of having it on a vintage twofold decker visit transport and seeing a couple of London’s best-cherished sights while you’re grinding away!

2.Scaling the Eiffel Tower. (Paris, France)

One of the features of France and a visit to this symbol and most-visited paid landmark in Europe is a quintessential Paris experience. Watch out for the small loft the draftsman, Gustave Eiffel, intended for himself at the highest point of this notable milestone; and attempt to scale the pinnacle after nightfall in the event that you can – the view over evening time Paris is really momentous. The pinnacle is open until 11pm around evening time, and you can drink a toast to the view at the champagne bar on the highest floor until 10pm.

3.Explore the Design district. (Helsinki, Finland)

Helsinki was the Design Capital in 2012 and for the Finns design and art is a lifestyle. This district is a bounty of innovativeness, containing 25+ city squares and 200+ structures that offer a wide range of fun activities. This incorporates the 140-year old Design Museum; the Marimekko apparel lines and textiles put on the map by Jackie Kennedy during the 1950s; stores selling hand-created pottery, wooden furnishings, and workmanship establishments; extraordinary restaurants offering crisp, contemporary food with Nordic winds; the Museum of Finnish Architecture; and one of the oldest fine art auction houses in all of Scandinavia – Bukowskis Market

4.Unusual statues of Old Town, Bratislava (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Old Town in Bratislava is known for its exhibit of unusual statues including ‘Čumil’- a worker from the communist era emerging out of the sewer vent. Rumor has it that if you make a wish while touching his head it will come true, provided you keep this desire a mystery until the end of time. Čumil is one of an assortment of bronze landmarks that were included an endeavour to infuse some humour and life to the socialist time design; others incorporate a photographer, Hans Christian Andersen and Napoleon!

  1. Play chess within a bath in the ‘City of Spas’ (Budapest,Hungary)

Budapest is known for having the biggest warm showers all through Europe – truth be told, the city is sometimes alluded to as the ‘City of Spas’. In that capacity, you can’t generally say you’ve been to Budapest in the event that you haven’t taken a soak in one of its numerous warm showers. We prescribe joining this rejuvenating experience in a spot of chess with the numerous local people that are common visitors to this healing water. Most showers that are available to general society offer an assortment of pools at various temperatures so you can change it according your requirements.

6.Wine tasting at the Princely Wine Cellar (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)

With just 37,000 occupants, Liechtenstein is perhaps the smallest nation globally. Ruler Hans-Adam II’s family has owned the territory since 1712 when they consolidated two smaller statelets into one of the 350 territories of the Holy Roman Empire. His winery, the Hofkellerei des Fürsten von Liechtenstein, is arranged on the edges of Vaduz in a 400-year old structure. Try the pinot noir – a smokey, chocolatey vintage arranged from grapes that were only developed in the Vaduz zone (a portion of different varietals are produced using grapes gathered from vineyards in neighboring Austria).

7.Relish a Belgian waffle. (Brugge, Belgium)

Belgium is world-famous for its waffles which has even led to earning this location a title of the waffle nation. You can locate this warming treat on almost every traffic intersection in urban communities like Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges. Eat it in the customary manner with whipped cream and strawberries or chocolate syrup.

8.Ride on a train to Jungfraujoch. (Interlaken, Switzerland)

Home to Europe’s most noteworthy elevated train stations and one of the handful spots where you can play in snow lasting through the year, Jungfraujoch in Switzerland is famous for its beautiful excellence and epic area. It takes very nearly an entire day to get right to the top and withdraw, yet the voyage merits each second once you venture off the train into the unadulterated, Swiss Alpine air and look over the valley beneath in wonderment.

9.Visit Stockholm Palace (Stockholm, Sweden)

The Stockholm Palace, one of the largest palaces in Europe and the Official residency of the King of Sweden, contains an excess of 600 rooms with insides traversing the eighteenth and nineteenth century, including illustrious houses of prayer, exhibition halls and even ordnance that features imperial outfits, armors of the ancient period and crowning liturgy mentors from the Royal Stable.

10.Gulp the real German beer (Munich, Germany)

German monks began blending lager/beer as far back as 800 BC and by the fifteenth century, there were over 600+ breweries in Germany sending out perfectly brewed beers to nations like Holland, England, and Scandinavia. In 1516 the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law) was ordered to guarantee that German lager will just ever be blended with grain, water, and hops, without the utilization of some other added substances. Right up ’til the present time it remains the most seasoned nourishment guideline on the planet.

11.Witness live flamenco dance (Barcelona, Spain)

It’s brilliant. It’s perky. It’s quintessentially Spanish! Local to the Andalusia, Murcia, and Extremadura, this cadenced and vivacious type of dance includes toque (guitar), cante (singing), palmas (applauding), and baile (move) and summons the blazing enthusiasm of the Romani gypsies who built up the main forms thereof. Help yourself out and go see a legitimate flamenco appear in situ in Spain that will set you off on your dancing foot for hours to come.

12.Visit the Vatican City (Rome, Italy)


Vatican City is the littlest nation in Europe settled in the core of Rome. It is the Roman Catholic base camp of Europe and home to St. Subside’s Basilica, St. Subside’s Square, the Apostolic Palace, Vatican Museums and, obviously, the glorious Sistine Chapel. The roof of the Sistine Chapel is one of Michelangelo’s most celebrated works is as yet flawless since he completed in 1512 which makes it a wonder to surely visit.

13.Visit the Art Nouveau capital (Riga, Latvia)

Motivated by regular structures and structures, especially the bent lines of plants and blooms, Art Nouveau is a globally perceived style of art and design that emerged somewhere in the range of 1890 and 1910 as a response against the unemotional scholarly craftsmanship that epitomized the nineteenth century. Rīga was one of the urban communities at the forefront of the style’s dynamic use, and the rest of the models thereof are genuinely intense and lively. Guests can follow in the strides of Rīga’s progressive nineteenth-century craftsmen by visiting the Art Nouveau Museum or investigating the eponymous district of architecture that appreciates UNESCO World Heritage status.

14.Enjoy the melancholic Fado music (Lisbon, Portugal)

A remarkable part of expressive Portuguese society music, Fado has been synonymous with Portugal since the mid-1800s and portrayed by melancholy tunes and verses permeated with ‘Saudade’ – a sentiment of permanent, unsalvageable loss. It sounds overly discouraging we know, yet it is amazingly deep and excellent. Fado players are known as ‘Fadistas’ and they typically perform in eateries.

15.Climb the hill of crosses (Vilnius, Lithuania)

The Hill of Crosses is arranged around 12 kilometers north of Šiauliai in Lithuania. What began as a spot for the closest relative of fallen radicals to put representations out of appreciation for their relatives post the rebellion of 1831, has since become a significant guests’ fascination with an excess of 100 000 crosses, statues, and models of every kind imaginable. The slope isn’t under any type of purview, which means anybody can come here to raise their very own cross or statue, and that is exactly what they do – on some random day you’ll run into somebody adding to this grand fascination in their own particular manner.

Europe in its entirety has much more to offer, however, these 15 things to do top our list of voyaging through this land of wonder. Include these activities to your itinerary to explore some of the best and distinguished things Europe has to offer. Come what may, make it a point to enjoy whatever and wherever you’re at. Happy travelling!


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