Why I Chose Less Painful Vaccines for My Baby

The agony of watching my cutie-pie writhing in pain brought tears in my eyes during the first vaccine of my first child. I started getting panic attacks when the date of vaccination came closer because pre and post-vaccination were painful for my baby. I wanted to avoid the situation, but the doctors and the elders at home termed it as usual, and it could not be averted because it was the matter of her life and health, but I must say that 48 to 72 hours was pathetic with the baby. At times, she lay still, and at times, she was very cranky and unmanageable. What did I do? I cried, watching her.

While I was expecting my second baby, one of my friends visited me after a long span. We shared the roller-coaster ride after marriage and baby and how we managed the hiccups of the same. Through the discussion of vaccinations and illnesses, she told me about less painful vaccines for the baby.

“Really, do less painful vaccines exist? I cannot believe it, Shreya. It was difficult for me to see my baby in pain. I could not endure her pain and had a tough time managing it.” I said in astonishment.

“Yes, dear, it is. I chose the less painful vaccine, and it was wonderful for both of my kids. It does not mean that it is devoid of pain, the prick-sensation is there but very mild, and the following aftermath is negligible and manageable. Be strong, Isha.”

What is Less Painful Vaccine?


The less painful vaccine is the latest development in the world of immunology. When we are discussing less pain injection, we are generally talking about DTwP and DTaP, which protects from three deadly diseases, D stands for Diphtheria, T for Tetanus, and P for Pertussis or whooping cough. The DTaP is a less painful vaccine, and it is as effective as a painful vaccine. The attributes are the same. The difference lies in the variation of fever, pain, swelling, and uneasiness at the vaccine spot. The less painful is endured better by the infants, and the toddler and the mother are calm.

Is the Less Painful Vaccine Painless?

A less painful vaccine is painless is a misnomer. It is promoted by the different brands to push the sale up. The baby feels the prick, but the post-vaccination stage is manageable because there are negligible chances of fever, swelling, pain, and uneasiness. It is refreshing for the duo- Mom & the Baby.

Is it Safe?

Yes, it is safe because the attributes are the same as both the vaccines – painful and less painful. They save your baby from unnecessary complications post-vaccination.


  • Minimal Pain
  • No prominent complications post-vaccination


  • The downside is – it is expensive.

After a detailed discussion with Shreya, I was relaxed. My second baby did not face many complications due to the choice of a less painful. My pediatrician used numb gel to keep her devoid of needle prick.

My firstborn, too, did not undergo complications in booster dosage. My crying days were over, and I recommend less painful vaccination to the would-be moms to enjoy motherhood with fewer issues of post-vaccination.


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