How to have a truly Good Sleep |Based on Yogic and Modern Science


Sleep plays a very vital role in your well being. Especially as you are already going to spend one-third of your life while dreaming, and wasting your natural energy. And if you are planning to hit the gym, it might be surprising for you to know that your sleep is the main ingredient in muscle building.

Yogic science and modern science both have recognized the value of sleep in the lives of human beings and hence presented their studies over it several times. You might be surprised by their facts, but if you stick around till the end, you will see that this article will start a spark for a healthy lifestyle.


But the first question is, how a night of good sleep can be beneficial for you

The answer to this question varies in yogic science and in modern science.

According to yogic science, good sleep is a method of healing your emotional, mental and spiritual structures.

Moreover, they say that good sleep can –

  • Makes you peaceful
  • Give strength for better decision  
  • Make you more focused towards your goal
  • Staying calm during hard situations
  • Arouse feeling of self-love

On the other hand, modern science claims that sleep is essential to

  • Stay alert
  • Boost memory
  • Be active 
  • Lose weight
  • Increase your concentration 
  • Reduce the risk of heart attack
  • Emotional strength 
  • Better social interaction

These claims are efficient and have proven to be true in many cases. But to get these benefits, It is necessary to learn how to build a meaningful sleeping routine.

Yogic Science

Yogis have always believed that the quality of your sleep is more important than the total amount of time you sleep. Hence, it is essential to understand the ways to turn your “Daily sleep” into a better state of sleep

The key to this beautiful state is a healthy lifestyle. Once you get in sync with healthy living, your sleep quota will decrease. You will also feel that your mind is already relaxed, and only your physical body needs to rest.

Also, it is clearly stated by many yogis that excess sleep is a waste of energy. Hence it is recommended not to fall asleep within 2 hours of eating.

You must know, the time you sleep and the position that you are sleeping in, play a vital role in this lifestyle. And the answers to these points might amaze you.

  • What is the best time to sleep


According to yoga, the time for you to fall asleep is between 10 pm to 11:30 pm. But the catch here is you must be up before 7 in the morning.

It is due to the various flow of energy within you. Yogis have explained the flow of energy in 3 Stages-

  • The Earth (Kapha)

The duration of Kapha is from 6 pm to 10 pm. It is the stage where your energy starts draining down due to the forces on the earth. Your mind starts setting down, and you might start feeling tired.

According to yogic sciences, You must have your dinner in the starting phase of this time. It will help in better digestion and better absorption of the energy from your food.

  • The fire (pitta)

From 10 pm to 2 am, your body would have digested your food. You must be in your sleep during this period. If you are awake, many thoughts will start arising in your mind due to the energy within you.

This energy must be working towards your physical recovery for a fresh morning of the next day.

  • The wind (Vata)

Finally, in Vata, the time between 2 to 6 am is considered as the emotional state of your mind. Your dreams become vivid, feeling of anxiety and worries starts fading out.

 Moreover, it is the time of emotional recovery of mind.

Once you set your routine for a better quality of sleep, you will observe your mind staying relax during various situations and you being more focused and creative in your work.

  • What is the best sleeping position


It might be alerting for you but according to yogis, sleeping while sitting up in a crossed leg position is the best position to fall asleep. According to them, this is the most natural posture of your body, and it makes sure you get enough oxygen in your lungs.

But as you know, it is not possible to do that just at the beginning of the journey, hence you can start with other multiple positions to have a deep sleep.

According to yoga, your sleeping posture can determine whether you want to be an analytical person or a creative person.

If you sleep on your right side, left hemisphere of the brain will get better oxygen. This section of the brain is responsible for your emotional state. Sleeping in this manner will make you more creative as well as peaceful.

Also If you are facing difficulty in sleeping, it is recommended you sleep on your right side.

If you sleep on your left side, your right side of your brain will get a better flow of oxygen. This hemisphere will determine your analytical strengths. If you are a person who is shy and introvert, this side will also boost your confidence and masculine ego.

Also if you want to be a more logical person, sleeping on your side will help you in becoming the one.

Modern science

Modern Scientist is still exploring human sleep and has come up with various theories for the better sleeping stat. Some of these points are the one which you might have heard before, and some of them are contradictory to yogic science. You must read the following claims and decide your sleep cycle accordingly.

  • What is the best time to sleep

It is necessary to know which is the best time to slide into your bed. Following a routine will set your whole day according to it, and along with that, it improves your work-life efficiency from day one.

Many of us believe 8 hours of sleep is efficient for every human on this earth. But more or less many significant factors are responsible for it. One of them is the age factor.

According to many studies, the amount of sleep your body needs can be decided by your age.

Age Group Sleep recommended 
0-3 months 14-17 hours 
4-12 months 12-16 hours
1-2 years 11-14 hours
3-5 years 10-13 hours
9-12 years 9-12 hours
13-18 years 8-10 hours
18-60 years Minimum of 7 hours
61-64 years 7-9 hours
65 + 7-8 hours
  • What is the best sleeping position

Your sleeping position affects physical health directly. It is stated that several sleeping positions are for different health issues. There are 4-main sleeping positions.

  • On your back

It is the healthiest position for everyone, as it will make sure your spine is in the natural order. This position makes sure your organs have enough space, and they are free to function without overlapping.

While facing the ceiling and sleeping, you must make sure your upper body is a bit higher, with the use of a pillow. It makes sure, acids in your belly don’t come up.

  • On your side

If you are a person who suffers from snoring this position is the solution to it. In this position, you turn on either on your left or right side, with your legs straight. 

The flip side of this sleeping position is it might lead to wrinkles on your face in the long term.

  • In the fetal position


Similar to the previous sleeping position, you can turn on either side, but instead legs bent inwards. It is the most common sleeping position that many of us are comfortable. If you are pregnant or know someone that is going to be a mother soon, you must recommend this sleeping position.

This position is also a cure for snoring problems, but at the same time, if you are a person who tightly bents your leg inwards, it can cause problems.

Tips for a better sleeping experience 


Now if you have decided to have healthy, quality sleep after knowing the best time and best sleeping positions, you must know the essentials that can enhance your sleeping experience-

  • Taking a shower

Cleaning up yourself before the bed is an old practice. It opens up your pores, and your body will breathe more easily.

  • Reading

Instead of watching screens, reading pages will give you an edge when it comes to your sleeping experience. It will wire your brain towards positivity and help you in being focused in your life.

  • Burning gave of natural oils

The vapours out of natural oil help in cleansing you breathing. It increases your focus and gives you snore-free sleep.

  • Using aroma

Putting aroma drops has resulted in the betterment of sleep. You can just put aroma drops on your pillow, and it will make you feel fresh every morning.

  • Shutting screens off

You might already know how blue screens are bad for your health. But before sleeping, if you are watching a blue screen, it triggers the brain to stay awake. You should keep your gadgets away, 30 mins before bedtime. 

It will be best if you turn on night mode on your digital gadgets which will block every blue light.

Once you start a good sleeping routine, you will experience that you will be managing your time better. You might have to pre-plan your day and eat accordingly. It will eventually turn to be a positive change and discipline to your life that you might want to carry on.

You can choose any of the following practices to shape your night. But all it boils down to healthy living and better functioning.


An Article by Nishant Shrimali , who run a Kitchen appliances website but is a passionate writer and the article above just reinforces the later  part of his persona.

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Image Credits :  Unsplash


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    Sleep plays a very vital role in your well being. Especially as you are already going to spend one-third of your life while dreaming, and wasting your natural energy. And if you are planning to hit the gym, it might be surprising for you to know that your sleep is the main ingredient in muscle building.

    Yogic science and modern science both have recognized the value of sleep in the lives of human beings and hence presented their studies over it several times. Lets explore in detail :


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