Say ‘NO’ To Body Shaming |Body Shaming is Bullying


Dear Readers , 

This video by Ms. Nishtha Sharma from Channel Smiling with Life touches a very touchy & sensitive topic of Body Shaming . Why in the world do we need to make others or ourselves feel bad because of the type of body we have ? Tall or Short , Fat or Thin  , Chubby or Skinny – for God’s sake , these judgements need to stop .


 We need to understand that it is really very very important for each one of us to be comfortable and happy with whatever kind of body we have been blessed with .Similarily , we have no right to point fingers or pass loose comments on someone because of his/her body posture . 

Lets understand why exactly Body Shaming is one of the worst things that one can do for oneself or to others :

Video Title :

Say ‘NO’ To Body Shaming (बॉडी शेमिंग क्या है और इसे क्यों नहीं करना चाहिए)

Language : Hindi (India)


We sincerely hope that you have found the video useful & the talks practical . Please do let us know your feedback in comments so that we can bring some more useful videos for Working Women, House Head Ladies, Parents , Kids, For First Time Mothers and For To be Mothers .

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Namaste  & Take care till our Next Video ! 🙂


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