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Are you looking for a simple guide to help you travel after corona?

As you might have already sensed, the world is now a different place. The one within your minds is more likely to stay as a dream.

Travelling to distinct places, visiting public attractions of various cities and catching up with locals won’t be in the usual way. But as you might have heard, travelling is often an escape from regular ‘you’ to a feeling of blissfulness, we will find the safe way.


As a traveller, you need to be responsible for your own safety as well as the people around you. Wearing a mask, carrying a sanitization, maintaining hygiene should probably be your daily drive.

Moreover, while travelling, make sure you keep up with the regulations established for your health and safety. In every manner, try to respect the hygienic method of every city or country you are travelling too.

With that said, we have comprised all the recent queries arising in your minds regarding travel after corona and answered them thoroughly.



Unlike any other pandemic in the past, corona virus might leave a nerve reckoning impact on the travelling industry. As said before, nothing is going to stay the same in the world.

In the early stages, when you might get relaxation from the lock-down at your homes, aviation might still stay on hold. Travelling across international borders and overseas might take a lot more time than you think.

Even after the time passes, you shall observe a long line for a temperature check just before boarding on to your flights. A compulsory hand wash and distribution of mask in flight and many more practice making sure you stay safe, and have a comfortable journey.


You might also observe a sense of concern within the local people. Moreover, various hygiene practices at every stop and shop of your choice. But as a responsible traveller, you must respect their methods and follow all the hygiene regiments to ensure the health and safety of every person around you.

On your side, before visiting any destination, you must check the rules in that particular area. Practices that are being followed by the people and the governments to keep up with good health. These small steps from your side will not only keep you safe but will also give a full plate of gratification while travelling after corona virus.


The most crucial query in today’s situations is “When can we go out and travel”. As we all are trapped inside, the only thing we want to do is go outside and explore the world.

According to most of the experts, there will be a 6-month of a minimum gap from now. And that too, only if situations can be controllable.

Travelling isn’t a sector which will restart suddenly. It will open gradually and in different stages, in different parts of the world.

As a traveller, make sure you don’t get blank sided with the offers by various marketers but do your very own research. Check the local news and information related to the destination and then plan your trip.


Choosing a destination to travel after corona might not be a hard task. Most of the places might still be under lock-down, and others might still have seal borders.

As we discussed above, the aviation industry might stay on hold longer than what you think. And so are the cruises due to high rate of contamination in the seas.

Hence, the best destination to travel after corona will be somewhere domestically. You might be a traveller who loves to go all across the world, but in the following scenario, you might have to to put a hold on your list.


Until governments have sufficient vaccines and treatments, you must stay close to your homes. In any case, if another lock-down is declared, it would be much easier to trip back to your home from one state to another than being stuck in another country.

This period can turn out to be the best time to explore your countryside. A time when you can plan a picnic with your family or friends, and get the most out of nature.

After being stuck in four walls, it will make you feel much more grateful while running on the grass and pebbles than being stuck with the crowd all around.

None the less lock-down has truly taught us the true meaning of freedom. And what can be better than being in the shade of mother nature to experience your very own freedom


The shortest and the most appropriate answer to this question would be “As Safe as Possible”. With that in mind, the best way to travel after corona would a road trip.

In the early days of your freedom, a road trip should be among your checklist as it gives you the freedom to explore and keep you safe and confined at the same time.

Even more, interesting would be booking a small yacht and spending your day in the seas near the lands.

The idea behind this kind of travelling is to get most out the pure nature right now around us and staying away from crowded places. During the first few months, it would be wise to be within the close boundaries and keeping yourselves safe.

Once the starting period passes-by, you must check whether your travel insurance covers pandemic threats. Not so popular but still Travel Insurance can be helpful in any emergency during the trip. Either you face problems such as lost luggage or a medical emergency travel insurance gives you a complete sense of security.

Moreover, it would be wise enough to carry your hygiene pouch along with you and stay safe and hygienic all the time.

While travelling abroad, it will be a good idea to follow these precautionary steps { besides WHO guidelines of-course }   :

  • Booking through reputed travel agencies, so that if any problem occurs, there are officials to help you
  • Travelling in small groups, to reduce the risk hygiene
  • Booking a local guide, to make sure you stay away from the crowds and explore the city more authentically and safely.


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While keeping the safety in your mind, we hope you get to travel across all the place in your bucket list. We wish the world becomes a better place for everyone. And at towards the end, we hope you stay safe, stay healthy and keep all the crucial points mentioned above, in your mind.

Hope you liked the article .

Namaste & Stay Safe till our next post !!

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