Meditation is a journey not the destination |Self Discovery


“The thing about meditation is that You become more & more you.”– David Lynch


As a beginner , just before you actually start meditating , a basic question that your mind  loves to pop up is “Is there really something called meditation ? In case it exists ,does it really work or it’s just a fairy tale made famous by some so called  mystics ?”


Eventually, after getting some knowledge (only Knowledge & NOT the experience yet),   you get convinced that yes, Meditation is very much a reality and that once you start meditating, all your queries ,doubts will get answered automatically .

However the contrary happens . Few days /months into meditation , only the ‘Kind’ of questions raised by your  brain change, but quantum of doubts keeps on increasing .

Since you are putting sincere efforts , you follow proper techniques (at least you think so ) ,obviously you expect results and when same aren’t delivered , you get little depressed thinking “Oh it’s not working, may be it’s not meant for me, may be I am not the chosen one “.


Lets try to figure out what exactly is happening by taking reference of statements made by people in the above described situation : –

# 1. When one say start meditating ,what exactly has to be done ?

You don’t have to do anything .Just sit for meditation ,with your eyes closed or open whatever way it suits you (though initially I would recommend with closed eyes). So remember the thumb rule for meditation  – daily just sit & do nothing for few minutes !

When I say do nothing, it means no action in thoughts as well.However that doesn’t implies that you start controlling or stopping your thoughts while meditating ,No, it’s just not possible. What I mean is to try to gradually slow down the jugglery of mind to the minimum.

# 2. “I have been trying to do meditation but nothing is happening despite my sincere efforts.”

-> Nothing will happen.No magic is gonna happen. In fact the very purpose of Meditation is to converge towards this nothingness ( Shunya / Zero). So don’t expect anything.

Always remember the basic rule of Meditation – Don’t seek anything , just be ! Just keep on doing meditation ,accepting it as a mandatory routine without thinking of ” What will I get in return ?”. Besides stop ‘trying’ to meditate, daily just sit & do nothing for few minutes !

# 3. “I sit quietly in the lotus posture for long duration still I am not getting the peace of mind.”

-> Well that’s because you are doing a kind of trade here by seeking the peace in return of doing meditation.It’s like you are making a conscious effort to achieve something while pretending to be seated  & doing nothing.It doesn’t work like that . This sub conscious & desperate  desire to be peaceful is exactly what is stopping you from to be the one.

Keep on sitting in Dhyan ,as the self enlightenment gradually seeps in,  the feeling of peace ,joy & blissfulness will definitely prevail .But don’t make this  peace or joyful state as your goal.As I have told you , daily just sit & do nothing for few minutes .

# 4. “I meditate regularly yet I am unable to manage my Anger.”

->  Stop managing your anger as in any case ,it’s just impossible to manage it from outside.You might suppress your anger for say 20 days by stating to yourself that oh,since I am doing meditation so I don’t have the right to be angry anymore, but it will eventually come out as volcano on day 21st for sure as the only way out is in & not the otherwise .

Just  keep on meditating , eventually , as your inner world start making you realize the realities ,all these strong emotions of hatred ,anger etc. will automatically fade away. Till then , daily just sit & do nothing for few minutes.

# 5.“Will meditation be of any help when practiced while living a married life?”

->Just because you cannot stand first in the class that does not mean that you should not join the school.

In the journey to the peak enlightenment , probably yes,  you need to lead a life of ‘Vairagya’ because ultimately you are breaking all the boundations of this physical world and looking beyond that but for people who want to do meditation but are already married or  want to get married ,there is absolutely no problem because being on this path itself will liberate you to some extent ,if not fully . This way , by the time you will reach the retirement age, you would be already half way there on your journey to liberation while most people will have to start a fresh then. So , married or unmarried , daily just sit & do nothing for few minutes .

Remember one thing, there is no fixed duration as to when the meditation will bear fruits .It can’t be fixed since it’s an out an out individual journey.Yes, the technique  might be more or less the same , but the journey will be different, a unique for every individual seeking truth.

So folks , Keep on meditating !

Would love to hear the feedback or your queries regarding meditation .

Please share the post if you find it helpful .

Namastey &   take care till my next post !

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  1. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you so much !


  2. RahulYuvi says:

    See, Spiritual journey is largely an individual thing as everyone will have to take one’s own path ,there are absolutely no two opinions about that.However we can always help people to get started just like somebody inspired us all who are already on this path.That’s I always request to share / reblog/ repost any spiritual write up which you think might help the beginners.But once a person get started and hold on for sometime, after that, the Guru inside takes over and you no longer need any motivation.

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  3. RahulYuvi says:

    See , spiritual journey is largely an individual thing, each one has to take one’s own path,there are absolutely no two opinions about that..however, we can also help people to get started just like somebody inspired us all who are already into Meditation..that’s I always request to share/ re-blog any spiritual post which you think can help others a little to get started.

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  4. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you for the kind words 🙏

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  5. B. says:

    Great post about something I have begun fathoming very recently! Thank you for sharing! 🤗

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  6. RahulYuvi says:

    Glad that you find it worth sharing 😊👍

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  7. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you! will surely check out your site !!


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  13. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you so much..Appreciate your feedback…please share the post to help it reach to maximum spiritual people .

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  14. aliada2 says:

    Thanks for the Motivation!

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  15. RahulYuvi says:

    thank you for the appreciation ! please share the post to help it reach maximum meditators !!thanks again


  16. RahulYuvi says:

    Thank you for the appreciation! besides you aren’t alone ,every one including myself,get doubtful at times but then eventually,we all get back to where our soul belongs because we all are destined to know the truth, nature just wants us to be little perceptive don’t worry about anything,just keep on meditating without looking for any logic whatsoever ..doors are unlocked ,we just need to push the shutters a little to see beyond the physical world !


  17. Beautifully written!

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  18. aliada2 says:

    This is a great Post. I harbour the same beliefs while meditating and often have to bring myself back to the perception that its a journey and not a destination. My only problem is that I am impatient and often find my mind wandering and then returning back.

    Thanks for this!

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